Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I went to the Animal Fair....

So, over the last weekend the weather was wonderful up here. Eric and I wanted to take the kids to both the Zoo and the Aquarium. We originally didnt want to do both in a single day. However, I ended up being deathly ill Fri/Sat, so we ended up doing just that.  We got up fairly early (for a weekend) on Sunday and headed up to Providence to the Rogers Williams Park Zoo.

Alvin's favorite part of the Zoo was looking at the construction trucks that work on the new Children's Zoo. He didnt want to leave. Since it was still early in the day at this point, we headed down to Mystic to the Mystic Aquarium. We watched the sea lion show. Watched them train the Beluga whales. Watched Alvin get to go into the submarine "Alvin". That part was the best!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Emali's Birthday

Yes, I am an epic failure as a mother. Emali's birthday was on March 26. I am just NOW getting around to writing a blog post about it. Poor kid. Especially because this was the DOUBLE DIGIT birthday! Yes ya'll. I have a 10 year old. Cant read that? A 10 year old! Where did time go? My first stubbon little baby is now 10 years old. *cry* While I may be in slight disbelief, she will quickly show some of that damnable 'tween' attitude that quickly rights my disbelief.

 Emali's "cake" with lit candles. Notice the blue, orange, and red flames. Awesome!

Root Beer Cupcakes! Soooo Easy to Make!
Emali's birthday gift. Nibbles the hamster!