Friday, July 27, 2012

I present to you ...

A few months ago, I had a post pleading to help a nice young man named Wolfie. For those of you not familiar, Wolfie is a special needs child who's mother had entered a contest to win an adaptive bike for him. They didn't get enough votes in a community of over 14k. I was furious. Well, because of many wonderful people sharing, caring, donating, and everything else, Wolfie's mom raised enough to get his bike.

Well, guess what ya'll? He got it today!!!!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The power of words

So, as many already know, Alvin has apraxia of speech. This means he rarely speaks, and when he does, he's limited in what he can say. So, when he does say something knew, we take note. Well, today was a humongous 'awwww' moment.

For weeks, we'll randomly ask Alvin where hugs/kisses are. Normally, he'll stop whatever he's doing and come over and give whoever's asking a hug/kiss. About two weeks ago, he started answering "Where's Daddy's hugs/kisses?" with "Trash". This was funny, because we've always made jokes about wiping off kisses, etc. We're a fun-loving bunch. The game would go:

Eric - "Where's Daddy's kisses?"
Alvin - "Trash", as he giggled and ran.
Eric would then chase him, capture him and plant tons of kisses on him. Then someone would proceed to tickle Alvin and away we'd go.

Today, we did the same thing, only I decided to ask Alvin where -my- hugs/kisses were. His response?

"My heart".

OMG. I die. I started crying. I couldn't help it. Knowing he really does love us is amazing, but getting to HEAR it is even more amazing.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shutterfly's Long Live Summer Sweepstakes

I don't know about you, but now that summer is here, I find myself taking more pictures of my family. Not only am I taking pictures of my family, I'm taking pictures of the things we are doing: mini-trips, BBQs, swimming, etc. Well, how great would it be to win a trip for FOUR to the Bahamas! That's right, the Bahamas!

Shutterfly's Long Liver Summer Contest started on July 9th, and lasts for 5 weeks. All you have to do is go here: Shutterfly on Facebook and upload your favorite  photo and caption based on the theme of the week. You also get a free gift from Shutterfly just for entering! You can enter at any point during the 5-week period.


Week 1: Americana
Week 2: Great Outdoors
Week 3: Water Fun
Week 4: Sports and Activities
Week 5: Parties and Celebrations

So, what are you waiting for? Go, enter your photo!


This is a sponsored post by Shutterfly. By posting this post, I am being compensated with free products.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time marches on

So, where have I been? Not blogging, well, not here anyway. On June 25th, we closed on a house. This house sat vacant for over 4 years. To say it's a 'fixer-upper' would be an understatement.

See. Definitely needs some work. Ok, a whole lot of work. So, we've been working on the house. Demolition has taken up most of our free time. However, in an effort to keep my normal blog from being overwhelmed with house remodeling posts, I've started a separate blog for it. It can be found at Our (Wild) Renovation.  So, if I'm not posting here, check over there. I may randomly add a post or two over here about it, but anything dealing with the house will be over there. Once it's built, all my house projects will be over there too. So, go take a look and see what we've bit off for ourselves.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Is your DNS correct?

Yep, this is an odd blog post, but it's an important one. Tomorrow, July 9th, if your computer isn't correctly looking up DNS information, you could lose access to the internet due to a massive malware virus called DNAChanger. It's estimated to have affected more than 4 million computers WORLDwide.

More information on this can be read at Snopes. Please, follow the link and read up on this. This isn't some forwarding email scam, etc. Check though a simple link to make sure your computer is correctly looking up DNS information.  You can also check through the FBI's site at: This link If you computer is found to be infected, you can visit DCWG.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

4th of July

Yes, I realize that it's the 7th of July. Things have been crazy busy here. First, we took the girls to WV to get picked up by their bio-dad. Then it was on to working on the renovations of the house we bought! Then, Erin got sick, so we had to pick the girls up early. Then back to more renovations. So, here's a long overdue 4th of July post. It was just me and the Little Man, since Eric had to work.