Thursday, December 30, 2010

30 Day Challenge - Day Eleven

A picture of something you hate

 I realize this isnt exactly of what it is I hate. But it -is- of splashing water. See, I hate hate HATE water being splashed in my face. I despise it. Showering is a pain because of it.  I can get my face wet, but it cant splash my face. Ugh. I climb up the wall. It's a feeling I just dont tolerate. #shudder

Now, for a pet (pun not intended) peeve of mine: Pets in costume. Now, I dont care if YOU dress your pet up. That's your choice. I just think it's silly. I fully understand dressing your chihuahua up in the winter cause it's cold. That's different. I'm talking about dressing your Rotti up like a ballerina, etc. I think it's unbelievably silly. But hey, it's your pet, not mine. Your money, not mine.