Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter 2013

On Friday, we had our annual flashlight Easter egg hunt at my parents' house. The kids just love it. It's always cold, especially this year since Easter was so early. Doesn't stop the kids though!

All the grandkids. My three and my step-sister's two. 

Alvin looking for eggs.
Emali looking for eggs.
All their loot from Grammy and Grandpa!
Then, we head to this morning. Yay Easter! Unfortunately, Eric had to work, so he missed all the day's activities. *sadface*
Alvin with his Easter loot.
Erin with her Easter loot.
Emali with her Easter loot.
Then it was off to my parents' for Easter lunch. My Dad and Eric both were working. :(
Starting at the top and going clockwise: My Mom, Grandma J, Uncle Louie, Emali, Erin, Alvin, my Grandma.

This is my parents' cat, Viktor. He was begging. You'll see better in the second picture.

See. Viktor begging. Such a weird cat. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Emali's Birthday

Just like Erin, we had a small get together for Emali's birthday. Today, she turned 12! TWELVE! I'm one year away from having a teenager. Can you believe it?

Emali is in to everything sports. She loves playing soccer and wants to add volleyball and basketball to the mix this year as well.

 Emali's dill pickle cupcakes. Yes, dill pickle cupcakes.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Hubby's New Toy

This post is mostly for my father-in-law. You can skip it if you want.

Today, Eric picked up his newest toy. He bought a 1971 Jeepster Commando. It's in rough shape, but it runs. He's absolutely over the moon happy with this thing. He's going to fix it up, paint it, and basically restore it. Until then, it's going to be his daily driver since he only works 2 miles from where we live.

THIS is what he wants it to look like when he's done.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Erin's birthday

We decided just to do a small get together with family after last year's disaster. Next year, she thinks she wants a pool party (at the local community center).  We'll see my dear. We shall see.

Today, Erin turned NINE years old. NINE years old! She has dropped her obsession with cats and has taken up being a Potterhead. She loves anything and everything Harry Potter and her favorite character is Ginny Weasley.

Her expressions kill me. She was amazed by the 9 being created by quarters.

Opening gifts from Mommy and Daddy

Pretty clothes from Grandma

Clothes from Mommy and Daddy

She got a Hogwarts blanket from Mommy and Daddy

A drawing set from Grammy Sammy and Grandpa Rich

Clothes (Barbies and other stuff) from Grammy and Grandpa

Barbie from Grammy and Grandpa
Her birthday cake. It was a strawberry cake, with strawberry creme filling and hot pink vanilla frosting covered in pink rock sugar.

Alvin's birthday

I know, I know. I've been slacking severely this year. I just haven't really been in a blogging mood, especially since hardly anyone reads this.( I know you go Grandma.) However, after talking to Eric about it, I will be blogging more. It's something I want the kids to be able to look back on when they are older and see for themselves what they did growing up. That is a reason for blogging.

So, here's Alvin birthday post!

The birthday boy!

Opening gifts from Grammy and Grandpa

I just love the look on his face

His Batman birthday cake. The child is obsessed with Batman.

His cake all lit up