Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Cabinet Re-do

Yes, I know I disappeared for 4 months. I'm doubtful I will be able to catch up, so I'm not going to even promise that I will. If I do, then great. If I don't, nothing is lost. If do, however, the posts will coincide with the time period the event happened. So, you may have to scroll to older posts. Anyway,onwards.

I bought a wonderfully old cabinet on a local buy/sell site for $30. When I went to pick it up, I immediately saw it's potential.

Look at it. It's simply screaming to be made over. The nasty contact paper lining the shelves, the horrid black paint job, the outdated drawer pulls. All had to go. So, I got out my trusty power sander and spent the better part of two days sanding it. The paint came off in little rubber balls. I went through tons of sand paper because of it. This is what I was left with.
Gorgeous, right? All that detailing was being lost with the dark black paint. Now, while a few of my friends thought I should just stain it, I thought otherwise. This is the final result of my vision:
Do you see that? Simply B-E-A-U-tiful! I spray painted both the light blue and white. It took SEVERAL light coats, with 400 grit sanding in-between each coat. Then, using my trusty overhead projector, I painted on the silhouette of a peacock in bright blue. I then changed out the old outdated hardware with gunmetal pendant drop pulls. I love, love, love this. It brightens up my living room, without overpowering it.