Thursday, February 23, 2012

As Time Goes By...

Sorry. Once again, I left the blogging world hanging. Many, many things happened in the last 2 weeks.
We took Alvin to another monster truck show. Alvin, Emali, and I all got sick. Now, we're finally healthy and I promise to start blogging more. I'll try to post some make-up posts about the few things that happened in the last few weeks, but don't count on it.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Asking a favor

As most of my readers know, Alvin was diagnosed with NF1 a little over a year ago. Today in one of my NF support sites, a mother was sharing her heartbreaking story.

"My son Dawson is 12 years old and was diagnosed with NF1 at birth. They knew what to look for considering I have it myself. He has struggled with it since, as all of our kids have. But recently on Dec 1st 2011 he was diagnosed with a level 4 Glioblastma Multiforme (GBM), which is a level 4 brain cancer and is said to be the worst brain cancer with the worst prognosis. (5 years max) He has since had 4 brain surgeries, and is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. He has been out of school since Oct, and has not had many visitors outside of family, since we are new to the area. He is getting quite depressed as he sees other kids here at the Ronald McDonald Home getting packages and letters, and cards on a daily basis and has yet to recieve one here. I think it would be cool for him to get cards from all over, in hopes that it would brighten his little spirits."

Please, can you all take a minute and a dollar or two and send this brave young boy a card? 
Please, let me know if this is something you're willing to do. I will pass it on to his mom. Thanks in advance. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Alvin's Birthday

This afternoon was Alvin's birthday party. It's never a huge affair. Just relatives and decorations. He still has an awesome time. Today, he passed out about 10 mins after everyone left. He had a GREAT day! The theme was Disney's Cars! One of his favorite things.

 The birthday boy!
 He got money!
 And all sorts of Lightning McQueen loot!
 Blowing out his candles!
 The top of his cake. I made it!
All passed out after everyone left. Poor little guy was all excited all morning/afternoon. I'm glad he had a great birthday. Thanks so much to everyone who came or sent him a card in the mail. I'll make a seperate post on the cards tomorrow.

Happy Birthday Alvin

Dear Alvin,
   It's so hard to believe that you are FOUR now. On this day in 2008, you were born at 4:53pm.  You weighed 7 pounds, 2 oz and were 20 inches long. Today you are 33 pounds, 4 oz and are 38 inches tall! What a big boy you've gotten to be! You're even going to school now! It's been 4 years of ups and downs, but you are always cheerful. I love you monkey.

 Alvin at 1 day old. Taken in the hospital
 Alvin at 3 days old. The day we brought him home from the hospital.
 Alvin at 1 year old. Eating cake at his birthday party.
 Alvin one year old, professional picture w/ doc band
 Alvin at 2 years old at his birthday party
 Alvin at 3 years old, blowing out his birthday candle
Alvin at 3, professional picture

Alvin this morning, at age 4!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Toughest Monster Truck Tour

Well, since it's both Alvin and I's birthday this weekend, we tend to do a lot of things geared towards Alvin, less towards me. That's fine. He's a kid. He deserves it. Last night, we went to see monster trucks! Alvin LOVED it. His favorite, Grave Digger, wasn't there, but his second favorite, Big Foot, was! I'm so glad we were able to take him to see this.

 The birthday boy!
 Big Foot

 Transaurus, the car eating dinosaur
 Alvin was less than thrilled that Transaurus ate a blue car. Blue is Alvin's favorite color, therefore anything blue is his favorite. So, instead of clapping, he clasped his hands and glared.